Thursday, March 3, 2016

Instructor Training: Why People Choose Learn CPR 4 Life

Are you looking to start your own business? Learn CPR 4 Life has the solution for you. Become a certified CPR Training Instructor, be your own boss and teach your own classes. 

What is the benefit? Take the amazing Lisa F. for example. Lisa was stuck at a boring day job. The pay was fine and the job title was nice, but there was no real room for growth, and of course the hours were not flexible. So, after doing a little research, she made the leap of faith to start her own business as a CPR Instructor.

"It was after much thought and prayer that I decided to switch career paths. When I knew I wanted to become a CPR Instructor, I didn't want to get certified through just any company. I wanted it to be someone I trusted, someone with a lot of experience, and someone who I know would help me leverage my own business by their credibility. That's why I decided on Learn CPR 4 Life. After reading their Yelp reviews and other CPR testimonials, I felt at ease knowing that other people had a great experience with them as well." - Lisa F.

Now, Lisa is starting her own CPR business and looking forward to all the benefits it has to offer.

What does it take to be a CPR Instructor?

Check out the simple process of becoming a BLS Instructor:

  • Be accepted by an AHA Training Center (TC) prior to enrolling in the Instructor Course and have a completed Instructor Candidate Application on file with that Training Center 
  • Have current American Heart Association BLS Healthcare Provider Card and be proficient in all the skills
  • Prior to class complete the BLS Instructor Essentials Online and print the certificate of completion 
  • Successfully complete the BLS classroom Instructor Course
  • Successfully complete being monitored teaching a BLS Course within three (3) months of completing the classroom Instructor Course

If you need any help signing up for these courses, or have any questions, contact Learn CPR 4 Life: